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Selling Your Home?

Remember not all agents work the same. Your agent should know the market and provide you with information on past sales and current listings in your area

  1. Analyze why you are selling
  2. Prepare your home for the buyers
  3. Find a good Real Estate agent that understands your needs.
  4. Be prepared for negotiations
  5. Negotiate for the best price and best terms, Speak with your agent and price your house right.
  6. Schedule an inspection to make sure you know what is wrong and get it fixed before placing your home on the market.
  7. Make sure the contract is accurate and complete. 
  8. You or we may cancel the Sellers Agency Agreement at any time for any reason with written notification. 


Steps To Prepare your home for Sale.

  1. The property should be clean, the lawn shoudl be mowed and flower beds should be cleared of all weeds. 

  2. Driveways should be repaired if there are holes or cracks.

  3. Automatic garage doors should be in working condition and garage should be clean snd organized.

  4. Siding should be power washed windows and shutters should be in good condition.

  5. Keep decorations on the house and lawn to a minimum, you want the buyer to use thier imagination. 

  6. If you have a swimming pool it is a good idea to make sure it is clean and all surrounding areas look appealing. 

  7. The house should be clean of any clutter, and all lights fixtures should be in working condition. 

  8. Make sure all the appliances that will be sold witht he home are working properly.

  9. Plumbing, faucets, shower heads, toilets, shoud be workng and any leaks should be repaired. 

  10. Any doors, cabinets or drawers should open and close properly. 

  11. If the house is vacant you may consider winterizing it to avoid any damage to the plumbing or heating system. 

  12. If the home is occupied all pets should be secured when the property is showing, and you should leave to allow the buyer privacy to look at the home in confort. 

  13. Make sure you disclose any improvements you made to the house during your ownership. 


Remember properties in move in conditons are a pleasure for realtors to show as well as for buyers to gain interest.